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Cash Plus Fund

Your intelligent choice for passive income

Looking for a reliable way to earn passive income that beats inflation?

Invest in a low-volatility market-neutral portfolio of digital assets managed by a professional team of former senior investment bankers.

The solution is our Cash Plus Fund, being an actively managed, low-volatility portfolio of different strategies in crypto markets, aiming at protecting the principal and generating an annual growth above 25%.

The Cash Plus Fund’s portfolio is designed to maintain liquidity and a very low correlation with the movements in the crypto market.
It is hard to make a substantial passive income in the traditional financial markets. Also, bonds and stocks usually suffer from rising inflation and economic slowdown.

Despite opportunities to earn a double-digit return in the crypto market, most investors are worried about the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and are not acquainted with complex market risk-minimising trading strategies.
Cash Plus Fund invests into 3 main strategies:
Yield farming with delta hedging (when possible)
Arbitrage strategies
Non-directional technical trading (at the later stage)
To avoid concentration risk Cash Plus Fund is diversified
across several crypto chains and crypto coins and tokens.
Advantages of the Cash Plus Fund
High return: Benefit from the potential for returns over 25% p.a. on USD investments.
Registration with financial regulator: Join the first officially registered digital asset fund in the region.
Expert management: Invest with our team of reputable financial professionals with decades of capital markets experience from leading financial institutions including HSBC, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Paribas and Credit Agricole.
Comfort: Get easy access to the world of digital assets without needing to learn complex skills and closely monitor the market.
Portfolio diversification: Minimize your overall portfolio risk by adding exposure to digital assets that have low correlation to traditional financial markets.
Main Terms and Conditions
Transparent and Fair Fee Structure
Convenient Investment and Withdrawal Options
The fund's priority is to maximize return for our investors. You will not be charged any asset management fees, entry fees, or exit fees. Our clients are our partners and we strongly believe in a fair and transparent profit sharing model receiving only 30% of the net monthly profit of the fund.
Investment: You can buy the fund shares every Friday;
Withdrawal: You can also sell your fund shares every Friday subject to a 7-day notice period.
Nazim Karam
Founder / CEO
Rafik Abasov
Founder / CIO
27 years of experience. Senior capital market sales roles at HSBC, Credit Agricole, PwC and Morgan Stanley.
29 years of experience. Professional trader in complex financial products. Ex Global Head of Fund Linked Derivatives Trading at Barclays Bank.
Cash Plus Capital JSC is a registered fund for qualified investor regulated by the National Bank of Georgia
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